Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bayfield Update

ohboyohboy and crew have been in Bayfield for the summer. On-water time has been split between our (new to us) C-Dory 22 Halcyon and ohboyohboy. Her only overnight thus far was July 23rd with Halcyon and a full house of Tilly, Tudy, Katie, and Lars. We anchored in Julian Bay (off Stockton Island). Flies were impossible until sundown, when the mosquitoes took over. The rest of the crew slept on Halcyon while I hid in my sleeping bag on ohboyohboy. Miserable - clearly a high-quality tent is a priority.

Lars and I took her out the next day and we were flying. We broad-reached to Chequamegon Point and back, finally reefing about half way back - exhilarating! But the outboard was working so poorly that we feared we wouldn't be able to get back to the Bayfield ramp. It would not run above half throttle, and even at that speed without much power.

Eric at the marina took it apart and cleaned things up.

Today I launched by myself: 20 min to rig and 20 to launch, at the Bayfield city ramp. Outboard worked wonderfully. The main was still reefed and I took this out. At Ashland it was blowing from S at 13 kts, gusting to 17. I put the reef back in (good reps for this critical skill), then later doused sails and motored into the city dock to pick up Tudy from yoga. The wind had piped up a bit (15, gusts to 22) and the seas had built (to >2 ft), with all of the great fetch across the bay. Before we launched I bundled up the mizzen to try just the main. I recalled that Stuart had recommended this to another Pathfinder owner. The reef was still in, and I could not really control the boat or make headway. We ran the jib out but this did not help. We called it and returned to the ramp.

My only frustration with ohboyohboy is how the snotter interferes raising and lowering the sail. I have the lacing interrupted by the first reef cringle, per the sailplan, but there are still opportunities for conflict. Time to reach out to the community for some ideas.